learningPlay lets you enhance your courses with all the advantages of gamification, allowing you to add a layer of gamification to any system – social networks, learning management systems, web pages, etc. In addition, it has an integrated API to work side-by-side with the learning management tools within your organization.

Key Features

Create your own badges and define the awarding criteria. Play is compatible with Mozilla Open Badges, which allows students to record their achievements on its own online repository and retain them after the training has finished.

Choose what elements you want to gamify (links, videos, forms, etc.), how they will be gamified and the rewards that will be given when they are completed.

Students will see their progress in real time through different visual alerts (points, badges, ranking, etc.).

Detail information about every gamification aspect, i.e. how badges are provisioned, student progress, etc.


Imagine how you could boost student uptake if you accredited your internal helpdesk training course, or added a leaderboard to your sales training. Increases student engagement and make learing more enjoyable for students through gamification. 
Play is compatible with Mozilla Open Badges, which allows students to record and retain their achievements.
learningPlay lets you modernize and enhance your existing learning tools with all the advantages of gamification –  courses, social networks, learning management system, web pages, etc.


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